Back of the Rent Collection Yard - Qin Wen

Back of the Rent Collection Yard

Qin Wen

Di Marco Rabino

Pubblicato il: 15-11-2013

55. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte
Venezia, Veneto, Italia,

2013 | 1 giugno - 30 novembre

Voice of the Unseen
Wang Lin
Paura della Cina? Ecco un modo per dissipare il timore: far risuonare nello spazio reale la voce degli artisti cinesi.
29 maggio 2013

Back of the Rent Collection Yard
Qin Wen
47 x 1384 cm, Photography, 2013

Listed in the national 1st class heritage, the Rent Collection Courtyard clay collection of sculptures has been always presented to the audience from the front as a revolutionary educational showcase. Photographing this well-konwn sculpture art collection from the back excites me since the rear view has been obscured in the contexts of the physical position and the political consideration. With repeated applications to the museum and the propaganda department and long waiting for the permission, I was informed the shooting plan behind the glass wall was not permitted. I didn't give up my hope. Eventually though some strategic negotiations, I got a chance to walk into the back of the collection at a mid-night. I witnessed and documented those hidden shadows.